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Mark Harling, President, Co-Owner

Mark Harling, Co-OwnerMark has a strong belief that it all starts with design and that design truly drives performance. It has been this belief that has allowed Mark to significantly alter the landscape of ATM surround designs in the industry today. Working in this industry for over 30 years, he has continually challenged contemporary thinking and standard design and material solutions. Through Mark’s creativity and design aptitude, Sterling has been able to raise the bar on branded ATM solutions and capture the eye of the industry. Due to his efforts, many of Sterling’s clients today enjoy cost effective, branded solutions that integrate well with traditional bank channels; this is the hallmark of Mark’s expertise. Prior to founding Sterling ATM, Mark led the planning and implementation efforts for major conversion programs such as Bank of America/NationsBank, Fleet/Bank Boston, NationsBank/Barnett Bank and Wells Fargo/Northwest Bank.

Mark co-founded Sterling ATM in 2002 with former colleague Steve Binder, and today he lends his expertise to major banks including Wells Fargo, US Bank and Bank of America. Mark graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in Business Administration. He also completed an Executive Marketing Program at the University of California, Berkeley.