case studies

  • BBVA Bank
    Implementing a consistent ATM brand network for BBVA across states.
  • Washington Federal
    Creating a brand image that is recognizable across the entire bank footprint.
  • Cardtronics
    Creating cost-effective, co-branded signage that is recognizable worldwide.
  • First Citizens
    Updating retail merchandising system to engage a broader audience.
  • First Hawaiian
    Taking the "less is more" approach to retail merchandising.
  • Mountain American FCU
    Increasing brand awareness and creating cross-selling opportunities at the drive-thru.

First Hawaiian


The Challenge

First Hawaiian’s Retail Fixture Line was a product of the old school thinking that “more is more” - the more products, brochures and messages you had in each branch, the better. Sterling’s challenge was to show that “less is more." With the right products, in an eye catching design, and placed properly in each branch, a more dramatic result is achieved.

The Process
Sterling was hired to audit a select few branches, looking for ways to scale down the number of fixtures. We analyzed the interiors of each branch, which varied from “Old Hawaii” to a very modern, upscale look. We also explored types of material and other design elements that were unique to the Hawaiian market, in order to design something that fit the challenge of “old yet new."

The Result

Sterling was able to design a fixture line of Free Standing Floor Displays and Wall Frame products that uniquely fit the architecture and culture of the Hawaiian market, and also First Hawaiian’s business model. The proposed strategy of “less is more” has enabled FH to have a more targeted approach to their cross selling within the branch environment, as well as a very noticeable, appealing set of “fine furniture”. View a downloadable pdf of this case study.