case studies

  • BBVA Bank
    Implementing a consistent ATM brand network for BBVA across states.
  • Washington Federal
    Creating a brand image that is recognizable across the entire bank footprint.
  • Cardtronics
    Creating cost-effective, co-branded signage that is recognizable worldwide.
  • First Citizens
    Updating retail merchandising system to engage a broader audience.
  • First Hawaiian
    Taking the "less is more" approach to retail merchandising.
  • Mountain American FCU
    Increasing brand awareness and creating cross-selling opportunities at the drive-thru.



The Challenge

As the largest owner of ATM’s in the world, Cardtronics had placed their ATM’s throughout their markets, but with minimal and ineffective branding. As they were beginning to implement a strategy of co-ownership of many of their ATM fleet with financial institutions, the need for increased branding and awareness was paramount. However, they also wanted to have this branded signage product set to be low in cost.

The Process
Through multiple design meetings, and many hours spent in the design studio, Sterling was able to come up with a product line that met the criteria. Much research and development was done to find an effective means to create a multi-tiered, 8 sided backlit signage design that created a recognizable Cardtronics brand or co-brand that was easily spotted in the competing retail environment that.

The Result

The implementation around the world of thousands of the Sterling products for Cardtronics has been a win-win for both organizations. Cardtronics has continued to rapidly expand their ATM base while partnering up with hundreds of financial institutions. Their ATM’s show a level of trust and accessibility that heretofore had only been reserved for the financial industry. View a downloadable pdf of this case study.